Abolish the Electoral College? There they go again!

Once again, Democrats have begun sounding the call to abolish the Electoral College, and anyone with half a brain knows the real motivation behind this latest attempt to tamper with our Founding Fathers’ handiwork.

The Boston Herald reports that this time, the leaden trial balloon is being floated by Mike Dukakis –which should be an indication in and of itself as to the merits of this idea. According to Dukakis — the genius who thought it would be a good idea to give violent, convicted criminals weekend furloughs — the Electoral College should be abolished because currently “only winning the swing states matters” and thus other states get ignored.

What Dukakis doesn’t say is that if the Electoral College were abolished, the Democrats wouldn’t even need the so-called swing states. Instead, the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party could theoretically carry an election by focusing on those few areas of the map where they are strongest  — populous liberal enclaves like New York City, Massachusetts, Detroit (and those areas are doing so well, aren’t they?) — and ignore all those pesky, troublesome, conservative voters. You know — those of us who didn’t attend Ivy League colleges on Great-Grandpapa’s trust fund; those of us who so clearly need Liberal Big Brother to tell us how to live our lives.

Rubbish. The call to abolish the Electoral College is nothing more than another liberal end run around our system of government. Much like they’ve done with our courts, if the Democrats can’t win fair and square under our existing system, they’ll simply attempt to change the system to one where a few “correct-thinking” liberals will get to make decisions on taxes, health care and education for all of us. How scary is that?

Ironically, this renewed call for an end to the Electoral College may be a good sign for John McCain. For if Barack Obama’s starry-eyed groupies were really so confident that their messiah was going to win in November, I doubt they’d be dragging prehistoric liberals like Dukakis out of mothballs to try and game the system.

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One Comment on “Abolish the Electoral College? There they go again!”

  1. bp Says:

    the current member of congress for quincy proposed abolishing the electoral college after the victory in 2000.that is the typical reaction from liberal’s when an election dose not go there way.there way is to trash the constitution!

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