Republicans at sea — but not adrift!

Several members of the Quincy Republican City Committee enjoyed a Boston Harbor cruise with one of Boston’s best conservative talk radio hosts and columnists this afternoon.

Michael Graham, radio host on WTKK 96.9 FM and a regular columnist for the Boston Herald, entertained several hundred fans on the two-hour cruise, which featured Graham’s signature brand of humor and conservative commentary. Among the highlights: Two 1950s song parodies for the presidential candidates. Graham’s “Ooooo-BAAAMA” — performed to the tune of Ritchie Valens’ big hit, “Oh, Donna” — lampooned the mainstream media’s love affair with their Democratic messiah, while “Johnny McCain” (set to Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Good”) poked fun at the Arizona sentor’s gruff demeanor.

The cruise also featured a trivia contest, during which six selected contestants attempted to answer questions from the U.S. citizenship test — real brain teasers, such as “What three colors are on the American flag?” and “How many U.S. states are there?” (Someone actually got that wrong!) While no Quincy Republicans’ names were pulled from the hat to participate, we did compile quite an impressive number of correct answers to questions that stumped the official contestants — particularly during the presidential trivia round. Frank McCauley correctly named William Howard Taft as our heftiest president, while I managed to pick up a WTKK 96.9 t-shirt for knowing that the president whose last name at birth was Blythe was none other than William Jefferson Clinton.

(Oh, the irony — that I should win a prize for knowing something about Clinton!)


Denis Tardo, Jerry Marquis, Kumu Gupta, Graham, Frank McCauley, Sandra McCauley and Jennifer Logue

Michael Graham greets Quincy Republicans aboard the Odyssey. From left: Denis Tardo, Jerry Marquis, Kumu Gupta, Graham, Frank McCauley, Sandra McCauley and Jennifer Logue




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