(Republican) Party Line with Cindy McCain and Rudy Giuliani



Kumu Gupta, vice chair of the Quincy RCC, sent along this recap from last night’s McCain Campaign House Party conference call:


I just got off the phone from a nation wide conference call with the McCain Campaign, which was supposed to be the first of its kind McCain Nation Event Day across the country.


The call started off with Cindy McCain thanking all the volunteers for helping her husband be the next President of the United States. She emphasized the fact that Senator McCain brings responsible leadership to the position and that she as a mother, particularly supported him since her son is serving in Iraq. She closed her speech with a thank you from her and the family’s seven children for supporting Senator McCain in his run for the White House. Then there was short talk by a McCain Senior Advisor on why Senator McCain is the right candidate for the job. This was followed by Q&A by the callers.  I was lucky, that my question was 2nd in the queue, but that’s probably because I called 15 minutes before the 7:40 pm designated time. The question I asked was:


“What is the main strategy for the campaign to combat the mass following that Senator Obama seems to be generating ?“ The answer was, “Change supported with experience, which Obama seems to be weak on” and the counter ad on television by the McCain campaign about Obama’s celebrity. There were a couple of questions from different states on Senator McCain’s pro-life stance.


About 45 minutes into the call, a surprise guest speaker was introduced – the guest being Rudy Giuliani. Rudy started out his speech by saying that he is 100% behind McCain now and was even when he was still in the running. He urged the listeners to support McCain be the next president, based on experience and maturity in handling complex world issues – sighting example of McCain versus Obama’s response to the recent crisis in Georgia in the Eastern block. There were a couple of questions for Rudy Guiliani and most revolved around oil and economy. But the one that generated some “jovial banter” was the one on “who would you like to answer the phone at 3 am in the White House” to which Rudy Giuliani responded that –“ I agree with Hillary Clinton’s response, that it certainly shouldn’t be Barack Obama.”


The conference call ended with the McCain advisor thanking all for hosting house parties in support of Senator McCain and urged that everyone buckle down and work hard in helping elect John McCain over the remaining 82 days to election. Both he and Rudy Guiliani encouraged people to host another house party event, coming up on Sept 4th when John McCain accepts the nomination at the Republican Convention in Minnesota and listen to his acceptance speech. All in all, I had a great time and it was exciting to be surprised by Rudy Guiliani’s presence on the call, since I enjoyed listening to him the past few times I met him.


I am considering hosting the Sept 4th event in the community room of my building, since it has a large screen TV – will keep you posted.

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