Jeff Beatty: On energy crisis, John Kerry is MIA

Republican U.S. Senate nominee Jeff Beatty’s commentary in yesterday’s Berkshire Eagle illustrates the lack of leadership John Kerry has shown regarding the current energy crisis. While many Americans had to curtail or cancel their summer vacation plans due to the high cost of gas, Kerry and his Democratic Senate colleagues made sure to get out of Washington DC before the dog days of August — without voting on a crucial energy reform bill.

From Beatty’s commentary:

The U.S. Senate, including John Kerry, could have acted recently to resolve our current fuel crisis by voting for a comprehensive energy plan. Instead, Kerry characteristically shirked his responsibility to the people of Massachusetts. He and the Senate leadership ducked for cover, allowing a comprehensive energy reform bill, which included lifting Congress’s moratorium on offshore drilling, to die. John Kerry and others then exited the U.S. Capitol for the August recess — a 5-week vacation most of us cannot afford — leaving a steadfast few who demanded a vote on this issue literally standing in the dark of the House chamber with the American people left in the lurch.

Beatty goes on to outline his concrete, common-sense plan for achieving short-term energy relief while supporting the research and development of alternative sources of renewable energy. John Kerry? His answer is (surprise, surprise) to raise the gas tax. Just what we need: $4-a-gallon gas plus another 50 cents in taxes on every gallon we buy.  Way to help the middle class, John!

But then, no one has ever accused Sen.  and Mrs. Kerry of being attuned to the needs of John Q. Public. After all, this is the lear-jet flying, yacht-sailing, multiple house-owning couple who dragged a camera crew into a Wendy’s for a “John Kerry: Man of the People” photo op, only to have Ketchup Queen Teresa point hesitantly to a picture of a bowl of chili and ask, “What is that?”

Given the senator’s disappearing act on the energy reform bill, it would appear the Kerrys haven’t been to a gas station lately, either.

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