2,000 new state workers? Glad to know things are going so well…

Since taking office 18 months ago, Gov. Deval Patrick has not only increased his office budget by 80 percent and spent thousands on cadillacs and new drapes, but also added nearly 2,000 new jobs to the state payroll. The Boston Herald also reported that last year dozens of corrections officers made well over $100,000, while some state troopers were raking in close to $200,000.

And here I was thinking that times were tough, what with Massachusetts facing a $1 billion budget deficit and all.

Whew! What a relief!

I mean, how bad can things be if Deval can afford to add so many people to the state payroll and give out six-figure salaries to prison workers? And remember, these high-paying “jobs” also come with ridiculously generous pensions and health benefits that the rest of us will be paying off decades from now. (At least these hard working “public servants” won’t be around to rub our noses in it: Decades from now, when those of us employed in the dreaded private sector are spending our golden years dining on peanut butter and Hamburger Helper, the payroll patriots will all be playing golf down in Florida.)

And our legislators wonder why citizens are mobilizing to abolish the state income tax….

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