McCain: “Damn the torpedoes! I’m pickin’ Palin!”

Once again, John McCain has proven why after two decades in Washington, he can still claim the titles of “maverick” and “reformer.” In selecting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain has, in one fell swoop, demonstrated his legendary abilities to defy convention, think outside the box and make decisions for the right reasons.

Barack Obama may talk about “change,” but his selection of Senator-for-Life Joe Biden was an anti-climactic act of desperation; an attempt to get someone — anyone — with national security experience on the Democratic ticket.

In contrast, McCain’s choice of Palin is a bold, brilliant and unexpected move that has injected some much-need energy and enthusiasm into the GOP ticket.

Think about it:

* Obama talks change and picks… a guy who’s been a Washington insider since the Nixon administration.

* McCain talks reform and picks…a reformer! An elected chief executive who’s taken on Big Oil in the state where we need to begin drilling in order to get America on the path to energy independence.

* Obama desperately needs to make peace with millions of female Hillary Clinton supporters, so he picks…a charter member of the old boys’ network and DC establishment.

* McCain wants to sway those same disaffected women voters, so he picks…a woman!

And not just any woman.  A woman who has run a city (albeit small) and has served as chief executive officer of America’s largest state. A woman married to a union fisherman. A mother of five children, including an infant with special needs and a son on his way to serve in Iraq. A self-proclaimed “hockey mom” who serves as commander of the Alaska National Guard. A woman who likes to hunt when she’s not fighting to cut taxes and putting an end to pork-barrel spending.

Let’s see — that’s women, hunters, pro-lifers, soldiers, hockey (and soccer) moms, fiscal conservatives, anti-tax groups, unions…Is there any target demographic that Sarah Palin doesn’t bring to the ticket??

No doubt there will be those who’ll decry McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin as a cheap ploy to appeal to women voters. There’ll also be those who’ll say Palin doesn’t have enough experience, or will simply sneer, “Sarah Who?”

They would do well to remember, however, that after running a city and a state, Gov. Palin has far more executive experience than the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee — a man who, just a few years ago, had everyone saying, “Barack Who?”

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One Comment on “McCain: “Damn the torpedoes! I’m pickin’ Palin!””

  1. Marc Says:

    It’s sad that John McCain is using Hillary Clinton as a political pawn. Does he think that the millions of women who supported Hillary will support anyone with ovaries? Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin could not be farther apart on the issues. Sarah Palin does not support a woman’s right to chose. Sarah Palin does not support equal pay for equal work. Sarah Palin does not have anywhere near the experience that Hillary Clinton has. Sarah Palin may be a woman, but she is not ready to lead our country. What if something should happen to John McCain (the oldest candidate in history)? Do we want a vice-president who has only been governor of Alaska for two years, and before that was mayor of Wasilla? This Hillary Clinton supporter is offended by John McCain using Hillary and her supporters as political pawns.

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