The Audacity of Dope

Here’s just one more example of why Sarah Palin, with her 16 years of experience as a city councilor, mayor and governor, is far more qualified to be on a presidential ticket than Barack Obama.

Call me old fashioned, but I think someone who wants to be president of the United States ought to know how many states there are. But then, maybe Barack got confused and was thinking of the original 57 varieties of Heinz soups that continue to finance his good friend John Kerry’s ultra-rich lifestyle.

Funny how the media was all over Dan Quayle for misspelling potato — never mind that it was actually the classroom teacher who misspelled the word on a card and gave it to Quayle to read — yet you don’t see the above footage all over the evening news. But then, that’s just further proof of the media’s double standard when it comes to Democrats and Republicans.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has an affair with a campaign staffer, lies about it repeatedly and then buys the woman’s silence and the mainstream media…says nothing. But the daughter of a Republican vice presidential candidate gets pregnant and the New York Times runs five front-page stories.

By his own admission, Barack Obama spent much of the 1980s on drugs and the mainstream media?  Not a word. But Sarah Palin’s husband gets arrested — once — before their marriage — for DUI in 1986 and that’s all over the news.

But then, judging from Ivy League graduate Barack Obama’s limited knowledge of these United States, perhaps the mainstream media has decided it needs to grade on a curve.

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