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Kumu Gupta: McCain vs. Obama – who will win?

October 31, 2008


Kumu Gupta sent along her thoughts on the presidential election:


With elections in just a few days, I wonder which factor will make a difference in putting the right candidate in the White House – would it be :


1.                   Progeny – given that Barack Obama is related to VP Dick Cheney , though a very distant connection, they say its in the genes.

2.                   Astrology – many people believe that your fate is pre determined by the star under which you are born, i.e.- is your ruling planet in the house of leadership or do you have a fiery temper, etc.

3.                   Race – is the country ready for an African American to lead or will the nation, as some in the media  suggest, make the familiar and traditional choice of their ancestors.

4.                   What the times demand – or is it the person with the ‘perceived’ best ability to tackle the challenges of today- like the wall street crash, Iraq, Al Qaida

5.                   “Yes We Can” appeal that has mobilized hundred’s of voter’s across the nation.

Ancient believers and eastern way of thinking would have the race bent in the direction of the first 2 factors – progeny and astrology, but then again, the current market crash and housing crisis are makings of recent past which no one could have predicted.(in a matter of speaking, at least not the severity).


While the race question is still up for grabs, as is speculated privately in some circles,  the fear set in by the recent turn of events, would make people want to turn to maturity, experience and a strong character – like that of John McCain and Sarah Palin, the Maverick team. They stand for optimism and faith in the strength of the American image overseas.


One would need to be cautious of the “yes we can attitude” since the unfinished part of that sentence starts with a “But”….”we might need to make some tough decisions….i.e. once in the White House, all bets can be off and promises might disappear to ‘balance the infamous budget”, especially given the situation we are in today. Besides how are things promised going to be delievered, if the government already has spend an unprecendented amount in the bail outs – where is the money going to come from. I know we are rich, but $700 billion and then some is a large sum by any standards. We need to get out of the situation, where foreign governments are bailing us out.


And finally, before crying “bloody murder” lets not forget, that President Bush has kept America safe since 9-11 and was able to stabilize the current crisis and at the same time restore and maintain calm in the international markets as well, by working together with world leaders.  


In the end, I believe that the ‘right’ person will get into the White House and good will be done, since the founding principles of this country are based on “In God we trust”. Which is reflected in the fact that America has been a powerful nation in the world for a very long time.


One final note – the race is always amongst people who stand up and ‘run’ for office and you will never know, if you could make a difference, if you never tried – so if you want to see things changed , you need to take the lead  and run.


One soldier’s open letter to Barack Obama

October 31, 2008

Let’s give our troops a commander in chief worthy of the title — someone they can respect and admire — knowing that he, too, has worn the uniform and sacrificed his freedom for others.

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Trick or treat! Palin pumpkin sure to spook moonbats

October 31, 2008
She's heeeerrreee. Be afraid, Democrats. Be very afraid.

 She’s heeeerrrre. Be afraid, moonbats. Be very afraid.

Go McCain/Palin and Jeff Beatty!


Beatty, Kerry duke it out on WTKK in final Senate debate

October 27, 2008

U.S. Senator John Kerry and challenger Jeff Beatty squared off in their final debate on WTKK FM today. The hour-long debate sharply defined the differences between the candidates, including their positions on:

  • abolishing the state income tax: Beatty’s for it, Kerry — surprise, surprise — is against it
  • immigration: Beatty supports strong enforcement measures against illegal immigrants, including using asset forfeiture to pay for related prosecution, incarceration and repatriation costs; Kerry gave the same old “enforce the borders” answer;
  • term limits:  Beatty thinks the lock that longtime incumbents have on Congress — with some senators serving for 20, 30 and 40 years or more — is not what our Founding Fathers intended, and supports term limits. Now, here’s a shocker! Kerry, a 24-year squatter in the Senate, thinks limiting senators to two or even three six-year terms is a terrible idea!

Here’s hoping that on November 4, the sheeple of Massachusetts wake up and decide to limit John Kerry’s term themselves.

Biden Angered By Tough Questions

October 26, 2008

Once again, the party of “tolerance” shows precious little of it when actually confronted and asked to explain their egregious socialistic comments. It’s been reported that, following this interview, the Obama-Biden campaign canceled all future interviews with this station. And Democrats like John Kerry are already planting the seeds about bringing back the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” — which would give them the power to do away with conservative viewpoints on the airwaves.

Big Brother, here we come!

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Vote for Jeff Beatty for Massachusetts U.S. Senate 2008

October 24, 2008

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Beatty comes out swinging, nails Kerry on Wall Street cash, Iraq War vote

October 21, 2008

Last night, U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Beatty accomplished something that the local media and Massachusetts voters have failed to do for 24 years: He held John Kerry accountable for his dismal record, slamming the junior senator for voting in favor of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout package and for voting for the Iraq War.

Beatty condemned Kerry for taking $19 million in campaign contributions from financial giants like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG execs, then voting to make struggling taxpayers fund the golden parachutes that will keep these 21st-century robber barons in caviar and Dom Perignon for the rest of their naturals. He also called Kerry on his rude demeanor, telling Kerry to “stop laughing — it’s not funny” when Kerry laughed at criticism of his purely political vote on the Iraq War.

View highlights from the Beatty-Kerry matchup at the NECN Web site, and be sure to tune into Part II of Beatty vs. Kerry next Monday, October 27 at 1p.m. , when the candidates go at it again in a radio debate on WTKK 96.9FM.