Jeff Beatty visits Quincy

U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Beatty visited Quincy yesterday, and the positive feedback continues to come in. After appearing on WTKK’s Michael Graham Show in the morning, Beatty spoke to an overflow crowd at the Quincy Lions Club, sharing some of his experiences dealing with Islamic extremists as a former CIA counter-terrorism officer. He also garnered praise for his take on the $700 billion bailout package — namely, that the proposed bill doesn’t include enough protection for taxpayers or enough punitive measures to punish those who wilfully engaged in fraud.

After leaving the Lions, Beatty stopped by The Quincy Sun for an interview before heading over to a coffee hour at the 1000 Southern Artery senior center, where he again drew a standing-room-only crowd. By the time campaign volunteers began passing out pie and pouring the coffee, Beatty had clearly won a number of converts (some of whom, after hearing Beatty’s firm stance on winning the war in Iraq and strictly enforcing our borders, actually whipped out their check books to make on-the-spot donations!)

Beatty concluded his visit to Quincy by taping an interview on the Quincy Access TV program, “Conversations with Gus.” (Watch for it, most likely this weekend on Channel 8 — or visit the QATV web site to check their program schedule.)

Now, if only the Beatty campaign can get John Kerry to agree to some debates, even more voters will see firsthand what Jeff Beatty has to offer Massachusetts voters who are sick and tired of paying the price for Washington’s “politics as usual” mistakes.

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