Ladies and gentlemen, meet our next president

Okay, let me get this straight. Obama listened to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s vitriolic rants against America for 20 years, but had no idea he was a radical. Then he worked with Bill Ayers to indoctrinate children with leftist political views, but had no idea Ayers was a terrorist who had bombed the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol. Then he socialized frequently with Yasser Arafat’s apologist mouthpiece, but had no idea he advocated radical terrorist beliefs.

Now, Obama admits that he’s seen his “long-lost” Kenyan aunt several times in recent years — including inviting her to his 2004 Senate swearing in ceremony — but he (all together now) … had no idea that she was here illegally, or that she was living in taxpayer-funded housing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next president of the United States of America:

Voters of America: Don’t let this happen! Vote for a president who actually knows something! Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!                                       

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One Comment on “Ladies and gentlemen, meet our next president”

  1. bp Says:

    the majority have spoken,the new administration will be in control in january,for republicans a chance to regroup.the new administration has already named many high level staff positions most if not all are former political opperatives from the clinton administration,change???

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