Caroline Kennedy’s Senate quest exposes liberal hypocrisy

Remember how just a few months ago, liberals were foaming at the mouth over Gov. Sarah Palin’s selection as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee?

Card-carrying members of the ACLU were up in arms at thought of a pro-life Christian woman one step away from the presidency. But of course, that’s not how they spinned it. Instead of admitting that their hatred for Palin was firmly rooted in her pro-family,  Christian lifestyle, they labeled her “inexperienced.”

Never mind that Gov. Palin’s governmental experience included sitting on the  Wasilla City Council, serving as mayor of Wasilla and advocating for ethics reform as a member of the Alaska Energy Commission prior to becoming governor. Or that Gov. Palin earned her elective offices the old-fashioned way — by actually running for office and letting the voters decide on her candidacy.   Sarah Palin was not “one of them,” and so she had to be taken down swiftly and mercilessly.

Contrast this unsavory chapter in American politics with the treatment Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is receiving as a potential recipient  — yes, recipient, as in “handed to her on a silver platter” — of a U.S. Senate seat. Whereas Gov. Palin’s candidacy had Left Coast whackos hanging her in effigy, liberals are positively gaga over the prospect of “Camelot, Part II.” And they seem remarkably untroubled by their standard bearer’s complete lack of governmental experience.

Unlike Sarah Palin — who possessed 16 years of elected government experience — Caroline Kennedy has never lowered herself to run for office. What’s more, this liberal princess hasn’t even been that steady a voter, choosing to skip those pesky little things like elections that can make one late for the charity black-tie gala du jour.

Yet the very same  liberals who were apoplectic over Sarah Palin’s alleged inexperience seem to  believe that Ms. Kennedy Schlossberg’s record of perfect attendance at the “right” cocktail parties and Democratic fundraisers is all the experience  she needs to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

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One Comment on “Caroline Kennedy’s Senate quest exposes liberal hypocrisy”

  1. bp Says:

    ms. schlossberg’s public debutant is just as the commentator has observed. she is entitled to be appointed to senate,because of her name. i guess the united kingdom really did not loose the revolutionary sad that the population she wishes to rule over,has now become surfs,the patriots that died 300+ years ago must be rolling over in there graves.

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