It’s D-Day plus 65 years: Show your support for our troops!

D-Day Omaha

Sixty-five years ago today, thousands of American soldiers — many of them still in their teens — helped save the world.  At a time when it’s become fashionable for some people to blame America for all of the world’s troubles, it behooves us to remember the fact that, were it not for America and those brave soldiers, there likely wouldn’t be a world today — at least not one worth living in.

Consider what the world would be like today had the Nazis won World War II. Pretty horrific thought, don’t you think?  That’s why it’s important for patriotic Americans to stand up to the forces of political correctness and defend America’s record for protecting and advancing freedom around the globe.

To that end, the Republican committees in Quincy and Milton are joining forces with the Weymouth non-profit CarePacks to organize a care package collection for our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. On Saturday June 27 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Heritage Hall American Legion post (114 Granite Ave., Milton), volunteers will collect toiletries, snacks, books, magazines and other items for packaging and shipment to the brave men and women who today continue the legacy of the “Greatest Generation.”

Click here for details on the collection drive and suggested items.

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