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Together We Can: How’s that workin’ for ya?

October 30, 2009

Today’s Boston Globe announces that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick plans to cut 1,000 state jobs in order to stem the flood of red ink rolling down Beacon Hill:

Sounds impressive,  right?  Tough governor making tough choices. Well, that might be the case if Cadillac Deval hadn’t added 2,000 jobs to the state payroll in his first 18 months in office (see my previous blog posting from August 2008). Apparently, “Together We Can” meant “Two thousand of my closest friends and campaign contributers and I Can…provided you fork over more of your tax dollars to give them good jobs and ridiculously generous pensions and benefits!”

Perhaps if Gov. Patrick whacks the other 1,000 employees he added to the payroll, we might actually get somewhere.