Roos victory proves every vote counts!

Karl Roos claimed the third seat on the School Committee in last night’s election — taking the slot by just one vote.

Roos’ victory proves once again that oft-disputed belief that every vote counts. It also confirms that, contrary to liberal dogma, voters will support well-qualified, dedicated candidates regardless of party affiliation when given the chance to meet and compare candidates.

Informed, engaged voters are vital to the success and survival of democracy. Think about it: Yesterday, with a heated mayor’s race and several contested ward seats, only about 50 percent of registered voters exercised their right to vote. Just imagine what we could accomplish if the other 50 percent made an effort to take part, too…


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One Comment on “Roos victory proves every vote counts!”

  1. bp Says:

    think about it.every republican that contributed to the incumbent got just what they deserved.the incumbent donated 75$ to the mass. democratic party.the incumbent mayor did not see any need to donate to the mass republican can fool some of the people some of the time,you can fool some of the people all the time,but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

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