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Newt Gingrich tells it like it is

December 30, 2009

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown visits Quincy’s 1000 Southern Artery

December 28, 2009


Sen. Scott Brown greets residents of Quincy's 1000 Southern Artery senior complex

Residents at Quincy’s 1000 Southern Artery senior complex enjoyed a special holiday treat last week, when American Idol finalist Ayla Brown performed a brief concert at a holiday reception for her father, state senator and U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown.

Currently a senior at Boston College, Ayla Brown took time out from her college break December 23 to join her father on the campaign trail, offering seniors a bit of holiday cheer while her father discussed the more serious issues facing Massachusetts and America, including taxes and health care.

 “If you care about Medicare and the half a trillion-dollar-cut Congress plans to make to Medicare to fund this proposed health care bill, you need to vote on January 19,” Brown told attendees. “The choice in this election is very clear: If you want someone who will go down to Washington and vote in lockstep with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to cut Medicare, raise taxes and increase government spending, then vote for my opponent. If you want someone who will be an independent vote and a voice for the citizens of Massachusetts, vote for me.”

Former Quincy Mayor Frank McCauley and American Idol finalist Ayla Brown

Former Mayor Francis X. McCauley, who introduced Brown at the event, noted that the special election to fill the Senate seat formerly held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy holds significance not only for Massachusetts residents, but for the entire country. Currently, McCauley said, Senate Democrats have the 60 votes they need to prevent a filibuster and limit debate on important issues.

“If Scott Brown is elected January 19, he would be the 41st vote that could stop damaging legislation like this proposed health care bill from being passed against the wishes of the American people,” McCauley said.

Currently serving his third term in the state Senate, Brown previously served as a state representative and a Wrentham selectman. A 30-year member of the Massachusetts National Guard, he holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps.  In 2004, Brown received the United Chamber of Commerce’s “Public Servant of the Year” Award for his leadership in reforming the state’s sex offender laws and protecting the rights of victims.

A Christmas message from a true leader

December 25, 2009