Washington Post: Scott Brown seen as gaining on Coakley

Tomorrow’s Washington Post enters the media fray surrounding the Scott Brown-Martha Coakley Senate race,  joining the chorus of downright scared liberal elitists who can’t bear to think of “Ted Kennedy’s seat” falling into the hands of (gulp!) a Republican! (Will someone please give these so-called pundits a basic civics lesson, starting with the fact that in the United States of America, congressional seats don’t belong to individuals or political dynasties, but to the people?)


As much as the liberal mainstream media attempts to feign objectivity by peppering their stories on the race with qualifying phrases like “…appears to be gaining” and “is seen by some as gaining ground,” it’s clear that Democrats are less than happy with Martha Coakley’s somnolent campaign style.  That’s perplexing, since Coakley’s entire career has been defined by an overabundance of caution. From the clergy abuse scandal — which she initially broomed under the rug until the furious parents of victims hired private attorneys to press civil charges — to her refusal to prosecute corrupt state (Democratic) leaders, Coakley has repeatedly refused to go to war unless she’s absolutely certain she can win. And that’s not often. When she has reluctantly entered the fray, Coakley’s carefully measured motions  have kept her safely on the center line, and usually led to an ambivalent outcome that pleased neither side.

In short, Martha Coakley doesn’t play to win. She plays not to lose.

Why the Democratic establishment thought Coakley’s SOP would change for this Senate race is unclear. Perhaps they were so confident that no Republican could mount a serious challenge that they believed even Coakley’s innate fear of a fair fight couldn’t screw this up.

That overconfidence may well be the Democrats’ undoing. Because now more than ever, Massachusetts residents want someone in Washington who will stand up and fight for what’s right, even if the cause appears lost. During the campaign, Scott Brown has shown himself all too willing to do just that. Martha Coakley,meanwhile, has shown she just doesn’t have it in her.

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