The Scott Heard ‘Round the World!

Two hundred and thirty six years ago, a small yet impassioned group of Massachusetts colonists dressed up as Indians, braved the winter chill and took a stand against the unfair and oppressive tax policies of a tone-deaf government, launching a movement that would change history. Yesterday, history to some extent repeated itself, as Massachusetts voters braved heavy snow and freezing rain to send a similar message to the Obama administration and the Democratically controlled Congress.

Make no mistake: The election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy was every bit the “Massachusetts Miracle” it’s been touted to be. Just as dumping crates of tea into the icy waters of Boston Harbor foreshadowed the start of a revolution, yesterday’s decisive victory in bluer than blue Massachusetts demonstrates just how disenfranchised and ignored American voters are feeling by a White House and Congress determined to ram Socialist policies down the throats of an angry public.

That sound you hear? It’s the Obama administration’s wake up call — one that Washington ignores at its own peril.

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