Congressional candidate Jeff Perry addresses Quincy Republicans

On the heels of Scott Brown’s historic U.S. Senate win, Quincy Republicans had an opportunity recently to hear from another local state legislator who hopes to make the move from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill.

State Rep. Jeffrey Perry (R-Sandwich), a candidate for U.S. Congress in the 10th congressional district that includes Quincy, shared his campaign platform Feb. 9 with members of the Quincy Republican City Committee.

 “My campaign is based on my belief that the people of the 10th congressional district need a fresh, dynamic and effective voice in Washington,” Perry said. “We need someone who will stand up for the values we all believe in, and fight for action on issues like real health care reform without mandates, better job opportunities, checks on illegal immigration, lower taxes and less national debt, and an end to the insider and special-interest dealing that permeates Capitol Hill.”

A U.S. Army National Guard veteran and former Wareham police officer, Perry is partner in the law firm of Flannigan and Perry, P.C., which has offices in Hanover and Hyannis.

“Being a steward of the law, I strongly believe in taking a stand against illegal immigration,” Perry said. “I’ve proposed legislation which would deny state benefits for illegal immigrants that cost Massachusetts legal residents millions of dollars each and every year.”

A fiscal conservative with a record of opposing new taxes, Perry noted that he was one of just two state legislators who opposed the proposal for a mandated health insurance system in Massachusetts out of concern for the financial impact the plan would have on the state’s financial health.

 “As those rising costs have become even more apparent in the state budget, I’ve worked with other legislators to push for proposals that would lower health care costs and improve the delivery of health care services for Massachusetts residents.”

That experience in reaching across the aisle and working with lawmakers from both major parties would be invaluable in Washington, as Congress grapples with the issue of health care, Perry said.

“Most Americans are generally happy with the quality of their health care services – it’s the cost that’s the problem,” he said. “We need to focus on reforming the cost side of health care by promoting tort reform, increasing competition – like allowing companies to sell health insurance across state lines – and improving medical record reporting to drive down administrative costs.”

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