Help defeat Barney Frank: Support Sean Bielat for Congress!

Sean Bielat

Now, that we’re all starting to come down off our Scott Brown victory high, it’s time to get to work replacing some of the other top Massachusetts congressional offenders. And if you’re like me, Barney Frank is at the top of your congressional replacement wish list!

If so, I urge you to consider supporting the candidacy of Sean Bielat, who is challenging Frank in this year’s congressional elections. I had the pleasure of meeting Sean at a meeting today of the Norfolk County Republican Club, and I nearly fell off my chair when he announced that he was challenging Mr. “Fannie and Freddie are just fine” Frank!

Consider these highlights from Sean’s background:

 * Former active duty Marine who now holds the rank of major in the Marine Reserve
* Graduate of Georgetown (BA), Harvard (Masters in Public Policy) and will soon complete his MBA from the Wharton School of Business

 * Business world experience at iRobot and management consulting leaders McKinsey & Company

 * Sean and his wife are also expecting their first child in August

We all know that Scott Brown’s victory was aided immeasurably by the support of ordinary citizens from across the nation who recognized the importance of restoring common sense and fiscal sanity to Washington. Please help spread the word about Sean’s candidacy and this historic opportunity to replace another out-of-touch, far-left liberal Massachusetts politician.

To learn more about Sean Bielat and his candidacy or to make a donation, visit:

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12 Comments on “Help defeat Barney Frank: Support Sean Bielat for Congress!”

  1. Krespy Says:

    There are other candidates running in the 4th District, Keith Messina & Earl Sholley to name a few. It is against the bylaws of the MA GOP to support any candidate specifically before the primary. Have sent a note to the MA GOP about your committee!!!!

  2. Jennifer Logue Says:

    Time once again, it seems, to post yet another reminder that the comments posted on this blog are solely those of the poster, or, in the case of submitted items, those of the person submitting the entry. While the Mass. GOP may govern city committees, it cannot govern or restrict the views of individual members. It’s a little concept called “democracy.”

  3. I would like to see someone elected to Congress in the 4th district that will serve the people and not be served by the people. Having attended a town hall meeting with Congressman Frank I was appalled at the way he treated his constituents. He was insulting and impatient with them. I have never seen such terrible behavior from someone who is suppose to be representing the people of a district. He has been in office since
    1981, and he believes that it is his until he doesn’t want it anymore. I do pray that the people will wake up and show him that it is up to them, not him who serves.

  4. Jim Murnane Says:

    Mr. Bielat came to our Republican Town Committee Mtg
    in S. Dartmouth Tuesday night and impressed us with his
    knowledge of the issues affecting South Coast communities.
    I encourage fellow Republican town committees to invite him to speak to them

  5. zucccchini Says:

    I’m from Kentucky but since this Frank guy seems to have had an influence on my life my children’s AND my grandchildren, I think it’s time he gets dumped. I am contributing to whoever wins this GOP nomination to oppose this horrid little fellow. He and Dodd engineered the housing bubble for votes, everyone knows this. It should not have been GoldmanSachs but Barney and Chris should have stood before the committee in their shorts, stripped of their elected office, retirement and made to do janitorial duty at Gitmo the rest of their days. THEY are the epitome of the worst example of career politicians that need term limits!

  6. Ed O'Connell Says:

    Just an observation: Seans logo and color scheme is VERY similiar to that of “BELOW BOSTON”.com which is a democratic activist web site….

    Otherwise, Sean sounds impressive and I wish him luck!

    from Ed O’Connell-Marshfield Town GOP Chair

  7. DAVID D Says:

    Does anyone have more information on Barney Frank being welcomed with boos at the recent AIPAC dinner?

  8. Isaac Says:

    Regarding the recent AIPAC dinnner, I was one of the booers. How can such a hypocritcal piece of @#$&* such as Barney Fwank get up in front of a pro Israel audience and state support of Israel when a few days earlier he clearly stated on camera that “he is ashamed as a Jew of Israel’s action? He, like Helen Thomas, needs to go, go go!

  9. Thomas H. Perry Says:

    I would be willing to display a lawn sign for your campaign against Barney.

  10. Leonard Haas Says:

    Grass roots groups like this give me hope that democracy can still thrive here in the Land of the Free! I lived in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts for long enough to want to help you (and the rest of us) rid ourselves of Barney Frank.

  11. Dan Andrews Says:

    It is time to retire Barney!

  12. Dr. Spero Katsivelos Says:

    Allow me to help in unseating Barney Franks. The man is not incompetent, he is the personification of dishonest politics which have reaked havoc on the nation through his manipulation of Fannie Mae and Mac. Although as a retired person I cannot make a huge difference and although not a citizen in Massachusetts, I would like to contribute to Mr. Bielat’s campaign.

    Spero Katsivelos,
    Claverack, New York

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