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Former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey endorses Jeff Perry

April 6, 2010

          Health care and the economy were the topics on everyone’s minds at a recent cocktail reception for state Rep. and Congressional candidate Jeff Perry.

         Held at The Neighborhood Club, the reception was organized by Dr. John Dalton and Dr. Lisa Antonelli, who invited many of their medical colleagues to meet Perry (R-Sandwich), who is running to fill the 10 congressional seat currently held by Rep. William Delahunt.

         “I’m particularly pleased to see so many doctors here tonight,” Antonelli told attendees. “Up until now, the medical community has not really been active as a political force, and as we’ve seen with the recent passage of this health care legislation, we need to become much more vocal and active in sharing our perspective on the best ways to provide affordable health care for all.”

        Perry agreed.

        “Throughout the entire health care bill debate, input from the medical community was all but ignored,” he said. “Instead of being viewed as part of the health care solution, doctors have been unfairly portrayed as being part of the problem.”

       Perry noted that he was one of just two state legislators to vote against passage of Massachusetts’ much-vaunted health care legislation that mandated insurance coverage.

       “I voted against the Massachusetts legislation because it didn’t adequately address the real problem with health care today and that’s the cost,” he said. “Since the bill was passed, those rising costs have begun to cripple the state budget, and I’ve worked with other legislators to push for proposals that would lower health care costs and improve the delivery of health care services. And as your representative in Congress, I’d do the same.”

       A special guest at the Quincy reception was former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, who has endorsed Perry’s campaign for U.S. Congress.

        “When Jeff called and told me he was running for Congress, I told him, ‘I don’t care who else is running, I’m with you,’” Healey said. “Jeff Perry is a solid, strong legislator and I know he’ll work as hard for you in Congress as he has in the state legislature.”

        Healey’s endorsement follows that of another well-known Republican –U.S. Senator Scott Brown.
        “Having served with Jeff in the legislature, I know that, like me, he believes in low taxes, a strong national defense and in the pro-growth policies that will create jobs and get our economy moving again,” Brown said in his endorsement. “By electing Jeff Perry, the voters of the 10 Congressional District will once again be sending a strong message to the politicians in Washington that the time has come to start listening to the people. If you believe that Washington is broken, Jeff is just the guy we need to help fix it.”

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