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Keating’s Kerry moment: “Voters don’t know, don’t read the papers” like he does

October 5, 2010

On Greater Boston tonight, Democratic congressional candidate Bill Keating betrayed the same arrogant and condescending attitude displayed by John Kerry in his latest public gaffe. (Check out Keating’s statement at 3:16 on the clip here):

To recap: While appearing on Greater Boston, Keating tried to justify his continued negative attacks surrounding  a 20-year-old incident involving a police officer who served with opponent Jeff Perry on the Wareham Police force. Host Emily Rooney noted that voters had heard numerous times about the incident, but the fact that Perry won the primary in a landslide seemed to indicate that they’d considered the charges and felt they were not a factor in their electoral decision.

Not so, said the oh-so-arrogant Keating. It wasn’t that voters weighed all the facts and made an informed decision. According to Keating, voters were simply clueless about the decades-old incident.

“How could they not know?” Rooney asked. “Don’t they read the papers?” To which, Keating replied, “They don’t know, they don’t read the papers…”

He then went on to say, “Those of us that read the papers, that connect the dots…” — apparently referring to a select group of well-informed intellectuals that doesn’t include the 62 percent of primary voters who supported Jeff Perry.

Keating’s arrogant comments echo John Kerry’s recent gaffe: In an attempt to defend the indefensible Barney Frank, Kerry said the reason Barney has a real election battle on his hands is because voters don’t pay attention and don’t understand what’s going on. (Translation: We peons are simply too mentally deficient to grasp the greatness of Barney and John Kerry.)

With this statement, Keating has proven himself to be yet another liberal, elitist, arrogant Democrat who thinks he’s so much smarter than the people he hopes to represent. Here’s hoping that on November 2, all those “uninformed” 10th congressional district voters show Bill Keating just who the clueless one really is.